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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Tis the Season

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! Our Christmas party is this Sunday. We had our first big practice today. The kids were adorable! They are singing four songs (Joy to the World, Silent Night/Away in a Manger, Angels We Have Heard on High, and O Holy Night. The kids are so stinking cute when they sing. They have worked very hard learning all of the words. And, in spite of their teacher's not so good singing, they sound pretty cute. :) They have also worked hard to learn a dance to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." Also, they are doing a Japanese performance. This year, they are performing the Jesus story. It is pretty amazing to watch. There is singing, speaking, and dancing. It kind of gets you right in the heart to see it, really. I love that they are doing this play though. I feel like it makes the story that much more real to them. My kids can speak English pretty well, but I think there is something to knowing that story in their own language that will make it come alive a little more to them. At least, that's what I am hoping.

Tomorrow we are making Christmas cookies for our Christmas party. We are making four kinds - Santa Claus, Reindeer, Snowmen, and Candy Canes. I will have two moms in my room helping, so hopefully everything will go smoothly! Today, Sarah and I had to make the dough and the frosting. It wasn't the smoothest process ever, for sure. Our shopping lady forgot a few things. Also, I kind of maybe mixed up the vanilla extract with strawberry extract. Oops! It still tastes good, just a little..strawberry-ish. :)

I'll be headed home in 16 days. I have been packing for a week or so now. I am trying to bring as much home with me as I can. I already have one 50 pound bag packed, and another medium sized suitcase full. I've decided that I want to live with almost the bare minimum for the last 3 months here. I am worried about having enough space to bring things back. This is the most pressure I've felt packing, ever! I always hate packing. However, I can usually just choose to leave certain things behind. I can't do that here. If I leave it behind, it's gone for good. When I moved here, I packed my bags, left a ton behind, and had my parents ship a few boxes.
I can't even ship boxes home. For some reason, the good ole USA has decided to not accept boxes/mail from Japan that weighs more than 1 pound. Um..not sure exactly what all you can put in a box that doesn't weigh more than a pound. So annoying.
One good thing about this moving business, I have been getting rid of so much stuff. I have gone through and gotten rid of a lot of shoes and clothes. It feels good.

I am so ready to be home for a while. However, there is so much to do between now and then. Including, but not limited to: Christmas cookies, Christmas practice, Sarah's birthday, Christmas set-up, Christmas caroling, 2 Christmas parties, a Thai massage (Mmmmm), Christmas caroling (again), Mochi festival, Bible Talk, Birthday party, a work day, a day of being video taped, and closing ceremony. No big deal. See you in 16 days!