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I'm currently teaching English in Japan and traveling when I can. I don't want to forget anything. So, I try to blog. This is my life.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


So, I went to the chiropractor here for the first time. It was interesting. They made me change from my clothes into pajama-type pants and a long sleeved pajama top. Well, the Japanese women are a lot smaller than me on the..top.. so the shirt ended up being really short on me, haha. It went down to the top of my pants at least! I was worried when I first saw it. My translator was there with me the whole time, it was funny trying to answer about how my back was feeling and explain what I have had in the past. He did end up adjusting my back, neck, and hips. He also did some weird massaging to my neck and back. Not like a massage I've ever had. He also rubbed/slapped/squeezed my legs and feet. I guess it felt good? He told me that my hips are crooked (they usually are) and then told me to try to not cross my legs when I sit anymore (impossible) and to stand straight instead of leaning to one side. He then tells me that I have weak stomach muscles. I asked how he knew that and he said he could tell when he was trying to adjust my hips. Hmmm. So, I kinda laughed and said, "so, basically do some sit-ups." And then he said something about exercising my abs and told me to lay on my back. Well, told my translator to tell me. Jokingly, I said to my translator, "He's gonna make me do sit-ups." And then as I realized what he was doing I was like, "Rumi! He really is going to make me do sit-ups!" Haha..and he did! A little crunch anyways, twice. Wow. I honestly just laughed.
All in all, I think it was a positive experience. I don't feel as tight..I don't know if I feel great yet..but, better at least.

One cute story..today I was talking to my kids about always trying their best. A few mintues later, one of my girls, who is very bright and speaks English very well said "I'm besting." It took me a few seconds to figure out what she was saying, and then I said, "Besting? You mean you are trying your best?" And she said, "Yes." Haha.. besting. I mean, it makes sense..you run, or you are running.. you sleep or you are sleeping.. English is a stinkin' hard language. Props to Marilyn for a good try! Love that girl, she has an amazing personality! Here is a stinkin adorable picture of her from K4 on purple day:


  1. Kim, that is a really cute story about "besting". I was noticing the background of her picture...your work environment would make most teachers here in the ole USA jealous.

  2. This is a cute story hon.

    Miss you,