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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I finally felt my first earthquake. I was sitting on my bed reading and felt my bed shaking a bit. If I hadn't been sitting still, I honestly wouldn't have even noticed it. It was so small. It just makes me laugh though, because today I was talking to this girl at work about earthquakes. I was telling her how I really hope the first time I feel one isn't when I am with my kids because I might freak out. I also was asking her what to do with my kids if it did happen. We talked about how we will have an earthquake drill in May. I'm pretty sure the last thing I said to her about it was, "well, let's just hope we don't have one between now and then! " It was so random that we talked about it today..and even more random that it actually happened tonight. Funny how things happen that way sometimes.

Today was a good day. I had more parent interviews and they all went really well. Tonight I went to a bible study that I am going to be doing with a couple of the other girls that I work with. I really miss going to church. I miss it already, but I think that will be one thing that I really really miss as time goes by.

I got to see Tanner, my nephew, on web cam this morning. He is getting so big, I can't believe it. I love it that he knew who I was and smiled when he saw me. I am worried he may forget about me, considering I will be gone for half of his life by the time I see him again. But, he was all smiles, danced for me, and even said "I love you." Makes me sad I am missing so much of his life, especially because this age is so fun! I'm just glad I finally got to see him for a bit this morning though. For the record, mom, I have been officially homesick off and on lately. :) (She was a little hurt about a month ago when she asked if I was homesick and I said, no..understandably so!)

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