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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

Well, today was an exciting day in the wonderful Dolphins classroom. We were getting ready to practice our Christmas dance before 1st bus left. The kids were slowly coming in from outside and going to the bathroom first. We were waiting on a couple of kids, so the rest of them were just dancing, jumping, goofing off. I turned around and hear, "Uh oh Ms. Kim" and turn to see one of my boys on the floor holding his mouth. Another of my boys says, "Broken! Broken!" I look and Wes (the boy on the floor) has blood running down his hands and his mouth is full of it as well. So, I calmly (on the outside) walk him to the office. I saw that there was a huge gap in his mouth but I wasn't sure what teeth he had in the first place. My kids are losing teeth like crazy these days- they're just at that age.

He had been dancing and jumping and fell mouth first into the table.

I left him with another teacher and went back to settle my kids down and to check for teeth. My kids are all standing at my door saying, "There's two teeth!" So, I picked up two teeth that were scattered on the floor. Poor kid lost his two front teeth! A third was also knocked loose. Luckily, they were baby teeth!

I told my boss I wish we were singing the song All I want for Christmas for our party- I'd have Wes sing a solo, hehe. :)

That's the third kid that's had to go to the hospital this year. Two of my kids fell and busted their chins open and had to get stitches (one in the summer and one maybe two months ago), and now two teeth. Hopefully this will be the end of injuries for the Dolphins this year!

On another note, it's hard to not be home for Thanksgiving. We had a Thanksgiving meal here last night. There was some amazing food! It helped ease the homesickness that comes with missing a holiday though, that's for sure. I will be home in 29 days- that is less than a month! I can't wait!

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  1. My, my, Kim being in charge of a bloody scene. I know you were as cool as a cucumber on the outside, but I know you...what in the world was going on in your head. Being in charge makes you do things you would not imagine doing, but it does force you to grow.Sounds like you are a pro girl!!! I am sorry to hear about Wes. He is such a cutie. Even though it is not in the school program you need to do a video of them singing that song and let him be front and center. Tell him Ms. Kim's mother is sorry to hear of his fall.