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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Darn pigs..

So, it's been around two months since I last posted. Whoops. I've just been busy. And then when I think about it, it's a bit overwhelming to think about all of the things that I should be writing about. But, I just decided it's time to just pick up where I am, and not worry about the last two months so far.

A quick re-cap off the top of my head..
My mom came to visit and it was so nice having her here. We spent a few days at the ocean in a cabin, a few days in Tokyo, and some time here in town. I know that it was an incredibly hard trip for her to make, but I am so glad that she did. She got to see my life, where I live, where I teach. I am so glad that she got to see what my life is like, even if just for a short time.
I really miss my family. I have just a little over a month until I am home and I can't even tell you how much I can't wait for that. To think of all that I have missed.. well, I just can't really think about it.
I missed Tanner's 2nd birthday, and that was really hard. I know that I have missed out on so many milestones in his life.. Thank God for web cam, that's all I can say. Although it isn't enough, at least it is something.

We had Kids and Parents Day in October. This one went much better than the last. I feel like I involved the parents a bit more, and felt more comfortable than last time. We did stations and then a 30ish minute English circle. It's always intimidating having close to 40 parents and family members watching your ever move, but..it was definitely easier than last time!

Another thing that happened in October, is that I made my decision to stay here for another year. I can't believe it. I honestly had been so back and forth leading up to that decision. I feel like I made the right one though, and I don't really have any feelings of regret. I feel excited for next year. I will be the only current K-5 teacher staying. So, it will be a whole other ballgame. This year I feel like I was being spoon-fed information (well, sometimes...ha) and next year I will be the only one experienced in K-5. Intimidating, but..I know that it will be such a growing experience for me. I'm excited yet scared about it at the same time.

Swine flu, Influenza A, H1N1..whatever you want to call it, has hit my school pretty hard. They have canceled classes. My class was canceled this past Friday and Monday because of it. I still have 4 kids out with it. 10 of my 16 kids have or had it. Our assistant had it. Sarah has it. It is all around me. I am praying with everything in me that I do not get it. The odds are currently against me though. I broke down and bought a mask (everyone wears them here, but I've kinda laughed at and sworn against them). But, I bought a mask. Only to wear in Sarah's apartment though! She spends all day alone, so I kind of want to try to keep her company to some extent at night, and being cooped up in that small room with no ventilation and her hacking up a lung is just probably not the smarted thing for me. So, I look like a goober and wear a mask. Yes..I said goober..but I just don't even know what else to say I look like!

I bought a cell phone. It feel so weird having one again. Although, I hardly ever use it. I forgot what it was like to be so totally tied to a phone. I lived here for 9 months without it..and it was quite the freeing experience. I'm going to try my best to not depend on it like before.
I am also about to get my Japanese drivers licence. That way, I can buy a scooter! I am so excited! I have an International Drivers licence, but that's not good enough to buy one I guess. I'm a little nervous about the test, but..eventually I will pass, ha!

Sarah and I are trying to plan our trips for next year. One in March, maybe one in May, and a big one in August. The sky is the limit..which is making it difficult to choose where to go. That is one huge plus to staying another year. I will get to travel so much, and I can't wait!

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